Local deli we giving me special treatment and letting me buy hot food with stamps

and one night they stopped doing this. Feels bad.

Anyone buy hot food with stamps? Guess I was just special only for a moment


Tfw I have no shame in using stamps

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That was nice of them. I don’t know many who can. Why not buy microwaveable food that’s cold that always works. I think that rule is biased and stupid. If you have food stamps you should get the kind of food you want and have it hot or cold how you want it.

No one wants to have extra help, so why can’t welfare really create wealth for minorities who try harder? I think sometimes people work very hard and get lucky! And I pray they do because they deserve it if they do. I just wish wealth was spread better and if you work hard and have a business with good reputation and services then yeah you should be laid well. :+1:t2:

You can buy Rockstars with food stamps lol.

U live in the Bronx am I mistaken?

My whole families from the Bronx. My moms side from Arthur avenue. My dads side is jewish from Jerome avenue til he was five when they moved to Yonkers. And my family lived in Pelham bay til recently moving near mahopac, ny. My mother and father moved to ct when they got married where I live today. I reckon Arthur avenue has the best food in the country. Everyone in ct brags about they’re Italian lineage (including myself) even though we have the highest % of Italian Americans in the USA. I’m half Jewish so I got the smarts of a Jew from my father and the looks of an Italian from my mother…no wait it was probably the other way around…:cry: No no I’m not dissing my moms smarts or my dads looks.

What are you, you look Honduran but I could be mistaken. I met a guy from Honduras once he had the same look as you.

We have Arthur avenue style delis in my town I had it today, man so good.

I need to get me some food stamps.

I live by Monti hospital. Not Honduran, Spaniard filipino

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I gotta get on a caloric deficit for real, tiredof looking pudgy in my pics

It’s good that they stopped letting me order fried food. This is a blessing in diguise

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Yeah man… people don’t know how crappy government benefits are now a days.

That’s great you got good food once with it!