Loan discharge papers

I read through what my psychiatrist wrote. He diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. He put I was severely disabled. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I always thought someday I’ll get better but now I’m sure. I know my illness is treatment resistant since he added 5 more mgs so now I’m taking 20 mgs daily of haloperidol and 160 mgs of latuda.

Don’t ever stop believing baby you are as well as you feel hope the upping in meds helps.

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just because they write something…it does not dictate ’ what you are ’
:blue_book: they are words on a page…
einstein was told he would not amount to much !?!
nelson mandela was probably told to give up the struggle to free his people…!?!
words are just words.
take care :alien:

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I thought I am hopeless and I used Noopept and now I only use 10 mg Olanzapine every 48 hours and I’m free from Anhedonia/negative symptoms.