Living with voices

It is a sad strange thing. i think mine are getting quieter in general but more importantly im getting used to having them. It is certainly not the end of the world. Now if only I could wipe my GPA and get accepted into KU. It is really difficult to make something of yourself after you ■■■■ up your chances.

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It’s a little bit of both for me as well. I’m used to them and they get quieter when I ignore them. I’m glad I know how to sort of live despite them.

I still have them and in some cases they are my stress yard stick. When they amp up, I know I’m getting too stressed. So I’m using them to my advantage.

You’ll get back up to speed. It’s amazing how fast you can catch up when you don’t have to fight off your own head


there was a guy in australia doing two degrees and he graduated at 92.
you seem really bright go for it. it is never too late for anything.
take care
p.s i am happy for you that the voices are getting quiet.