Living with SZ in Europe vs USA

Recently I’ve learned that I can get dual-citizenship to Lithuania. My grandfather fled Lithuania to Germany during the Russian invasion back in 1939, then immigrated to the USA. There is a special program for dual-citizenship if you have are a descendant of someone who fled during this event that I qualify for. Becoming a citizen of Lithuania would also give me EU citizenship. I believe being a dual citizen would also allow me to keep my SSDI.

I’ve been to Kaunas, Lithuania many years ago but I was very young at the time so I don’t remember much.

I don’t like driving so I feel like living in a European city would be better. Ideally I could walk or cycle everywhere I need to go. In the US you are stuck driving most places because of how the infrastructure is setup so this keeps me housebound much of the time. Walking or cycling in many places in the US can also be dangerous because of how the roads are setup to prioritize cars.

There’s also the factor of how healthcare is different between the US and EU.

How is it living in Europe with SZ?


That reminds me of an Elvis Costello song, “they emptied out all the asylums, they emptied out all the jails…”. They closed most every mental institution here.
But if you truly are a danger to yourself or others they’ll take you in for a short visit to the hospital.

I’m poor but in some countries I’d be considered rich. I have everything paid for me, housing, and disability and a small amount of supplemental income for working a little before getting sick which pays for electricity, food, and internet with cable. If I get a disease I have both Medicare and Medicaid to pay for it. My medicine is paid for except a couple dollars copay. And even my phone is free. I pay for dental insurance out on my own, government here doesn’t do much for that, but things are changing.

I see very pretty pictures of Europe on YouTube but it can’t all be so nice and clean.

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You can’t generalize Europe because there are too many differences amongst member states.

But in Belgium benefits are more generous than in the States. You’re still treated like a leper if they know you have sz. I don’t drive and can do anything with public transport.

There are also plenty of pdocs here,

It’s really a tough choice but I wouldn’t go living alone in a foreign country with sz. Maybe if you could get a family member along.


And about public transportation. I figure Europe has better public transportation but not everywhere in the USA. Some cities have subway and buses and even trolley. I don’t know why someone said it but it sounded on authority, Denver Colorado has the best transportation in the country. But I don’t know how, maybe the bus comes every seven minutes.


I also get a free bus pass because of disability.

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I do have family in Lithuania who are pretty well off. Not sure if they would be much support though.

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Maybe you could go for a month or 2 to test the waters. Could be a fun holiday.

I guess as well your money would go further in Lithuania.

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Yeah maybe I’ll take a trip over there and stay with family.

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Lithuania is freaking cold… A friend told me that he is used to the feeling of his eyes freezing.
About economy I´m not sure, it´s very country dependant. European Union has a very non-interventionist legislation.
Also the language barrier, I guess not everyone speaks english.

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