Living with partners

I think that a good idea is to live with partners in an apartment.
For example live with 5 more people in a 3 room apartment.
This way the rent and bills are negligible as you split everything


I hear enough voices as it is…don’t need 4 more!! Lol jk. If I couldn’t afford it I would but I would dislike living with 4 people greatly. I’m for the most part a content loner. Enjoy my music too and too many ppl I couldn’t do it.

I’ve lived with room mates before. It can be fun and nice to have company but it’s not nearly as comfortable as living alone. I think it’s mainly about privacy for me when living alone. When I lived with room mates I was getting drunk and high almost daily though, so that was a bad thing. I guess it just depends what kind of people you are rooming with.

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I used to say I would probably rather live in car than with people who might make me feel worse or be nasty to me etc

It depends what people etc but do not think that’s for me.

Thankful for living in place can have space.:heart:

I have a thing about people stealing from me .
Not in person perhaps but other level etc
Including partner n his people on spiritual way n maybe sharing money with his “x” who might not be x?

I want no one be able to steal from me.
In a beautiful way.

Do u have partner. …

I wish i could get a partner.I push people away from me with everything i got in me. I really wish i didnt. but ive been told to over and over

I live with my partner but if I didn’t, I know I couldn’t afford to live alone, so I would look into co-op housing where 5+ people share a large house and share resources communally. I’d rather live with several strangers than just 1 or 2 because it lets you blend in a little more, it’s less confrontational and intimate. I think it’s better for my social anxiety. Kind of paradoxical but true.

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If I had alive in girlfriend my life would be complete… I think some people would consider that statement weak… eff them anyways. Defeatism I say! defeatism…

grant me a queen wench milord