Living with a Brain - Disorder Scholarship for College Students Living with a Neurological Disorder

"Bella soul is a charity that empowers college students faced with chronic illness, physical disabilities, and disease through scholarships and emotional support. I have partnered with them to serve on and advise their scholarship committee on a voluntary basis. Their First annual Luke G neurological scholarship will award $500 to $1,000 to full-time students enrolled in college and living with a neurological disorder.

The application process is simple and starts with emailing Bella Soul at with the following three items:

  1. Demographics:
    – Name
    – Date of Birth
    – University/College
    – Year/Grade
    – GPA
    – Neurological Disease/Disorder

  2. Proof of Enrollment:
    – Demonstrates full-time, college enrollment.
    – Does not need to be a transcript.

  3. Essay:
    – Three-pages, double spaced about the triumphs and struggles of living with a neurological disease/disorder.
    – Give examples of how your disease/disorder has impacted your education, your social life, and how you have learned from these challenges.
    – Include what advice you would tell someone who is struggling with the same neurological disorder.

The other members of the scholarship committee and I will review the applicants the first week of January. The deadline for applying is by December 31st (end of day). Looking forward to reading your stories and funding your future!"


Is schizophrenia considered a brain disorder or a neurological disorder? I’ve never heard that term before in regards to sz

If so I would expect depression and anxiety to fall under the same category

Thanks for sharing this! Between my brain tumor, TBI, and schizophrenia, I definitely qualify :smile:

In the article before the title it has “Living with a brain disorder” highlighted in orange so I guess neurological disorders cover brain disorders.