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Do you like living around a lot of people or less city or country can you get just as paranoid with no people around or is living in the boondocks easier


I highly prefer the countryside. We live in the city, but we have a friend out in the boonies that we visit now and then. I love it there, fresh air, plenty of room to stretch your legs, and a much lower chance of catching corona virus. I think if I had a choice I’d live out in the country.

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The last time I lived in the “country”, (small town), I was extremely suicidal so I don’t want to go there again.

I’m unsure how I would do in a more rural area, but honestly I think I would love it.

I live in a fairly big city that has grown exponentially the past few years. I hear sirens all the time.

I don’t think urban environments are good for me.

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I would love to live in the countryside around here, not possible at the moment I am afraid though. My town has grown so much since I moved down here in the 90’s it is like a totally different place. They are expanding it massively too. I think I might move to a small village like Crantock or something.

I’d rather live in the country. It’s better for my mental health.

I live in the country and a prefer it. I did once live in Los Angeles for 7 years. I much prefer the country. It’s peaceful here.

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I live in the Suburbs in a town that is not too big and it’s not so small.
I prefer living in this kind of environment.

I don’t think I would do so well living in a large city.

Also the isolation of living in the country might worsen my symptoms.

I have an apartment in the city but would prefer somewhere else in the mountains…
However I do love my apartment :slightly_smiling_face:

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