Living On the Flood Plain

When you are a person who has schizophrenia
It’s like living on the flood plain
The storms of life
Flood your house
And higher ground
Is a place you can go
For only a temporary time
Until the flood recedes
And then your back in the plain
To rebuild again
In the past when the storm came
They told our ancestors to pray
But they have a different way to deal with it now
Because you can get lumber from the pharmacy
To prop up your home above the ground
But when it’s not treated right
Or the flood is too high
Down it goes to the sea again
The water is not real
But you can drown in it the same
And shelter can be temporary
And the lumber can erode away
You may be lucky and make it out of there
But more than likely you are doomed to stay
As a unlucky soul
On the flood plain