Living on old memories

I feel like a ghost of my presz self, living on good presz memories. I feel like since sz my life stopped.


I feel like dat too. But for me it is since I started growing excess hair and binge eating and other stuff too…

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What does that have to do with mental illness?


It made me feel like a man but I’m a woman… Stress

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Many women get hairs its normal, my mother had facial hairs but she did laser years ago and its gone since then.

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I haven’t progressed professionally since getting this diagnosis. I quietly crashed my career into the ground. I did grow personally but I still feel like a burden to society.


I haven’t been myself since I started olanzapine. On Latuda I felt like the old me. But that didn’t work out because I couldn’t sleep. I sent in a new application to see a pdoc about trying again with a sleep aid. My gp can’t combine two meds unless a pdoc says it’s ok.

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over d moon memories am trying myself

memories and imagination are d cause of sufferin

I feel as I’m stuck in life because of this illness. I’m scared of meeting new people because they ask what I work with and stuff like that.

I want to date (which was already hard because I was ■■■■ scared of girls) but don’t know if it’s possible. I’m heavily medicated, don’t do ■■■■ at daytime except lie on the sofa or bed. What should I tell them? “btw I’m psychotic” do you want to go on a date?

My life sucked before this illness so I don’t look so much at my past. The only positive thing I had was my studies and I liked being in school.

I also suffer from bad anxiety which hinders me in most things. I can’t go to the store without getting panic attacks. I can’t eat at a restaurant without feeling anxiety. And it never goes away! I’ve “exposed” myself to most of my fears but they only become worse.

I also suffer from crippling low esteem and confidence. I’ve tried to do something about it but all the traditional advice is BS. I read alot of self help but they don’t work.

I really don’t understand how it’s been possible for my genes to have survived? I’m a genetic dead end. Perhaps I’m just meant to die and not live. Perhaps I should go down the destructive path?

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Within every person is the ability to change. Ofcourse we aren’t magicians, but within reason it’s possible to change. I have changed a lot the last 10 years. Most of it to the better I think.

Just keep trying and hopefully you will find something that gets the gears in motion for you.

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Not for me. You might be doing it wrong.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.


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