Living life on the edge

I remember back in 1982. I was in the locked psychiatric hospital. I ended up staying there for 8 months. Before I got sick I liked to party, I got in trouble with the law several times. The cops caught me with pot a few times when I was a minor and I had to go before a judge a couple of times. My parents weren’t too pleased about that.

But when I was in this hospital I didn’t cause any trouble. I usually kept to myself and I kept a low profile. But there was one single incident where this other guy talked me into helping him steal some coffee from the cafeteria after hours. We sneaked in and I kept watch while he jumped over a wall and took some dry coffee and then he jumped back. It was so stupid. I was actually scared that I would get caught and I didn’t even drink coffee back then. But that was the only thing I did wrong.


hi nick. good morning. sounds like past memories are plaguing you. hope you feel better soon.

it is supposed to be really unusually warm here in michigan today. how about where you are?


Hi Judy. It’s been raining the last couple of days here in California. We have been in drought conditions for the last couple of years so the rain is welcome. I’m not sure what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow. Are you feeling relatively alright tonight?

some guy in the mental hospital when i was there stole my pork pie from the fridge, this made me angry bc it was my pork pie and the person had no right touching what was not his but i got my own back on him, he was a bit of a wheeler dealer from what i heard so i offered to give him a pair of Armani jeans (they were hooky) lol and the label was falling off so he tried them on and they were too tight so i said i’ll give you a discount and he said ok so i sold them to him for about £10 and he was walking about funny for ages wearing these incredibly tight hooky Armani jeans (fake) haha

we’re meant to be getting snow btw

There is something exciting about doing the forbidden, but if you get caught …

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hi nick. I am feeling quite well this morning, so far. thanks for asking. are you feeling better now? judy

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This is totally something I could appreciate sips coffee
I used to have a habit of stockpiling coffee and supplies. Also, if the guys gave me their cookies at lunch, I’d stock pile those, too. I used to have a drawer full of cookies, napkins, packets of creamer and sugar, and then three or four individual cups of coffee from the cafeteria on top of the dresser.

It got to the point where I was verbally told to stop getting so many refills of coffee, especially if I hadn’t “finished drinking the last one.”

What can I say, when you’re locked in a place the size of a hallway, every luxury becomes even more of a luxury…cookies were like currency.

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Hi Judy, I woke up this morning and I actually feel OK.

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i am glad to read that you’re doing well now nick. good news is always welcome. judy:slight_smile:


I Havent rly done anything bad

stole some stuff from the supermarket as a kid
had sex on top of comercial buildings downtown
stole cigarretes and xanax from grandma
went to school drunk daily for some weeks

I wish i made more interesting things as a teen