Living in a van

I’m getting driving lessons at the moment. I had a driving lesson yesterday. Teacher says she thinks I’ll pass in new year.

So I’m going to buy a small van, travel and live in back.

I’ll have a bed, a cooker and maybe a wardrobe to keep clothes.

I’ll need to insulate van. Anyone know how much this costs in U.K.?

Do u all think it’s a good idea?

Hi star84!I prefer to live in a apartment but it can be exciting to live in a van to see more places…

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I’d be maintaining a small apartment and combining it with van life if I was single.

Yeah I’m single so now is the time to do it. Can’t wait to pass my test.

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Fingers crossed for you. Nail that sucker.


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If you build a solid live-in enclosure, it is a good idea! I like going on YouTube and looking up van builds. Some are really nice, almost professional. If you have carpentry experience and access to tools, a build is doable. Soon you’ll be living in a van down by the river.

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I’ve given some thought to getting a set up like you describe, if I ever do get any money. I’d use it for fishing and for travel. Right now it pretty much has the status of a fantasy for me, because I am so broke.

Oh no. Hope you get some money soon Crimby.

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Why do you want to live in a van??

So I can travel around.

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