Living For The Moment

If you thank one second about yesterday or the tomorrow your moment has already went up in the air.Thank you Aaron!!!

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I remember when I was circa ten years old my moms screen saver on her computer said “Live in the moment”…I laughed at her because I thought it was corny. My mom was onto something though. Gotta live for the moment.

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Hey, Aaron! I was just thinking about you a few days ago. Glad you checked in.

I don’t agree , I believe in afterlife.
So to live here as a corridor to afterlife.

@AaronMckinleyRhames4754 your posting style is indeed strange!!! You only make threads, you never reply, and you always say “thank you aaron” at the end. What’s up with it??? Well @Rhubot loves you but she hardly even knows you as far as i know i’m confused.

Plus you haven’t posted in over a year, happy youre okay even if this is my first encounter with you.