Living for hundreds of years

Over the past few years I have taken an interest in anti-aging and aging reversal research and ideas, both from a biochemical point of view and a spiritual one. I believe there are people alive today who are hundreds if not thousands of years old. They have done this without biochemistry, however I think biochemistry has its place. As part of this interest, I have taken an interest in my parents’ health. However, the real question remains spiritual. Why am I interested in my parents’ health, is it purely a selfish desire to have them around to look after me forever;?; People have a right to move on, to forget the torments of the past, and to be reborn. Attachments can also be damaging if persisted in beyond the point of enjoyment and health. I have believed in a 120 year cut off for most of my life, and going beyond that requires some serious reconfiguring of my behaviour and beliefs. I am being tested now to see whether I can make the required changes. I have been so caught up in this that the test has manifested itself globally, at least from the perspective of a solipsistic world view. It is pointing the way towards several changes, like buying groceries for my parents, and looking after myself more independently. Time will tell whether I pass the test and my friends and family make it beyond the 22nd Century. Thank you.

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Who are the people who have lived thousands of years? Where’s the proof? If people lived hundreds or thousands of years the scientists would be all over researching them. We’d know about it. I’ve met people over 100, but not 150+. It’s just not possible

The oldest person I heard of was a 145 y.o. guy who was living naturally in a village. He passed on TV in my country.

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@ZmaGal. I think the oldest I’ve heard of was 125


This is still not hundreds or thousands. But I think it’s very cool people have lived 125 years.

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Hers a Malysian guy who lived 141y.o. and still alive I think:

If you skip “thank you” this is the perfect beginning of a sci fi novel, perhaps written by the french author Michel Houllebecq

Talking about anti aging, I had dark age spots on both of my temples.

So since I still had some teeth whitening strips, I cut one of them into tiny pieces, wet them, and then applied them to my age spots. Boom, they are now gone for good.

This was good since I have a baby face, and so despite being 62 years old, I don’t look it.

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Are you a turtle?

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sometimes i feel like a turtle, who just forgot my shell at home, naked and homeless.
sometimes i feel like a blue butterfly blown about by random bursts of wind.

Well, I’ve lived dozens of years and to be honest, I’m not even thrilled with living this long.

I wouldn’t want to live a thousand years; I couldn’t afford the rent.

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