Living Apart, Coming Undone


The stench from Abraham Clemente’s apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, this summer was overwhelming. Maggot-infested scrambled eggs were strewn across the floor; a cantaloupe was so spoiled, it seemed to be melting. Feces were ground into the carpet.

Clemente, who is 69 and has schizophrenia, kept the shower and sink running for the “oxygen.” He blamed a kitchen fire on a doll nailed to a cabinet. He believed he could crush and smoke his antipsychotic medication to achieve its intended effect.

Yet the state of New York determined Clemente was capable of living on his own.


This is such a sad story.


I read the whole article. This was one of the best stories I have read in a long time. I struggle too and this story help me understand that I am not alone. Alot of people with schizophrenia have it worst than me and not to put too much pressure on myself about trying to work. I struggle and dont think i will ever be able to keep a job. I think I will be on disablity for life.


This is so sad. I can’t imagine living like this.