Living alone

Hi everyone,

I currently live alone, and I am also working from home. I rarely have contact with anyone I know these days.

Is anyone in a similar situation? any coping tips?

I’d like to go see family more, but getting myself to leave the apartment these days is tough. Work takes a lot out of me, so it’s hard to go out after that. On the weekends, I think the low energy I’ve experienced for years makes it hard to leave too.

I’ve been down on myself for not having a significant other as I see everyone else I used to know coupled up or married. I long for that, but not sure if it’s possible for me.

Hi mtgilrl23, i get you, i live alone, its hard at times, can get very lonely sometimes, i am lucky because i have a part job in a book shop which gets me out of the apartment, i also go for long walks and then get a coffee as my reward!

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getting out of the apartment to go to work definitely helps! Even though I didn’t talk much at work, I didn’t realize how much of an impact going to work and being around people every day has. It’s been difficult to still get the same level of interaction now that I have been working from home for some months. It’s times like this I wish I did have someone living with me or that I could make myself be more social.

Long walks and coffee sounds so nice! Also, working in a book shop must be awesome. I love books :slight_smile:

yep mtgirl23, i love my job!

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Every time I’ve lived alone I’ve had a big thing of psychosis. I never leave the house.

I currently live with my dad. I’ve tried living alone twice in the last 3 years and didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple.

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I’m in the same boat, I go out to work but don’t really see anyone and if I do it is just for a few seconds. I’m alone 99% of the time and have been for many years

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I didn’t succeed living alone. I became too lonely.


Hon, what kinda work from home do you do??

you seem to be doing well on your own. do you have any tips on how to deal with the initial feelings of loneliness and isolation?

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I may end up having to move back in with my mom. Work has been rough, so if I end up not having a job I don’t know if I would be able to find another to fully support myself.
Ideally for me I would find a significant other to live with, but I’m starting to give up hope on that. Ever since the onset, I have been quiet, awkward socially, and withdrawn. hard to find someone who likes me and that I connect with. living on your own does have some perks though. good luck with trying again!

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Not really any tips , I just had to suffer through it and got used to being alone as I went through SZ and depression pushing everyone away.

My lifestyle now is not for everyone, My last GF accused me of being just to damn independent lol, those were her words, never really thought about it that way.

I process insurance claims. It’s supposed to be temporary work from home because of the pandemic, but it keeps getting extended. I’ll be working from home through the end of the year and probably into the spring

I also find it hard to leave the house. Even though I know I should interact with people, it’s hard to get myself going. I think a lot of it has to do with tiredness and lack of energy but the other part is not being comfortable socially anymore

the loneliness can definitely set in. glad you succeeding more living with people

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Yeah, loneliness is so hard to deal with. I’m blessed to have family

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nothing wrong with being independent. I hope I can get used to it too if it isn’t going to change. I just don’t want to continue feeling down about it

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I guess it is up to each person to change things, but for me I was never good at the social life, so after failing so many times just gave up and keep to myself. the odd time I have tried a little but feel socially awkward and end up heading home

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I used to live alone for years. For years I loved living alone and my own space.

However as my sz improved I started desiring social contact. I hated living alone at that point.

I have a partner now. And I’m great full for that.

It’s not easy living alone. I too always thought I’d never be able to have a partner. However I believe there is someone out there for everyone.


Ive lived alone . Its not good unless you are really ok with it. Its pretty boring and hard to cope with. Being totally shut off and sz.