Living alone is it good idea?

as independaant idividual
while taking AP
is it good idea ??


and what about side effect that may happen

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Depending what kind of individual you are. I enjoy being on my own as I don’t have to communicate with anyone. I am responsible for my own mess in my apartment and be my own boss. I ve lived with my partner for awhile together which worked out as well, but maybe it’s the solitude I find, living on my own. I build a good social network over the years.


I enjoy living alone and have been living alone since 2008. I don’t have to answer to anyone, my time is mostly my own and I can keep my own place as dirty or as clean and tidy as I wish.

I have lots of hobbies, interests, obligations and a few friends to keep me occupied all the time, so, I am never bored. Yes indeed, I love my present life and I look forward to the next.


I’m too scared to live alone. I think it’s good though if you have a really good support system


If you don’t have social support, don’t earn then it’s not good idea.

Other thing I think is you need something to occupy your mind while living alone. Something physical which won’t let you stay inside head too much. Something @SkinnyMe has mentioned.

You want to live alone, your independent. The opposite will also happen. My experience with it.

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