Living a lifestyle of being single

do you think spiritually and i guess mentally it would be healthy to be single forever?

Idk! We are human beings and we have needs, for contact, support, relaxation, challenges. Spirituality is good just make sure you want to be single for the sake of your spiritual practice.

what if it was not for spiritual sakes maybe the effects are to bad to take on the burden of dealing with other people or maybe just scared

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I think we are all scared. None of us knows what’s going to happen. It’s an ebb and flow thing.

It is for many szs. :slight_smile:

No it’s not healthy to be single use humans crave interaction that we get from partners. We meant to find a partner

I’ve been single my whole life. I don’t see that changing without more money and losing a ton of weight.

Always hope for the best sir

I’ll never be in a relationship again :frowning: but I imagine being in a relationship if it were a good one would be great.

The problem with mental illness in the mix it could be difficult to have a good relationship. And a bad relationship could land you (or at least me) in the hospital with the stress.

I’ve gotten used to being single.


There are more single adults here in the US than married ones. So, healthy, I don’t know. Probably depends on the person. But, singleness is the norm now here.


I might be happier with a live-in partner. But I am so shy it seems very unlikely I would get to that stage. I think such a person must be carefully chosen. How am I ever going to get a spouse when I don’t even say hello to women.

I have been single for 30+ years and alone 99% of that time, It is not a perfect life, but I usually fail at relationships, so it is better dating and all the problems that go with it, I think.

I doubt I will ever date again

It’s a bummer to be alone all the time. But after spending some time with other folks you appreciate coming back to your own bathroom, waking up when you want to, making meals that you want to make, ect. But after a while the loneliness and boredom set in again.

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I am single and celibate for spiritual sake and also because I have zero sex drive due to psychiatric meds. I am happily single and celibate and it’s a great life. I would have no other. I have so many hobbies and interests and I work part time and I also volunteer so I literally am so busy that I don’t have time to feel lonely.

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