Liver ultrasound

I have a liver ultrasound in 6hrs and I can’t drink or eat anything until the test is done. Before 3 I wasn’t allowed to eat any fat. I feel like I can’t not eat or drink for 6hrs in the afternoon. Morning its easier as I don’t eat or drink when sleeping. In the afternoon if I don’t eat every 2-3hrs I get low blood sugar symptoms like confusion, dizziness, weakness, nervousness, even sz symptoms get worse etc


Wish you the best.


Good luck @Aziz
All the best!


Good luck with it all.


Good wishes with it.

I have to get ultrasound of my liver and kidney once a year because I have something wrong but no danger at this point just have to keep a eye one em.


Sending Good Luck! @Aziz

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You should check your blood sugar when you feel your blood sugar is too low. It is highly unusual for your blood sugar to be extremely low if you are eating every few hours. I highly suspect your sugars are high eating that frequently, so if they drop at all you might not technically have low blood sugar.

Your body gets used to your sugar being at a certain level and will react strongly to get you to eat if you go below that number it is used to. Weird how that works. The symptoms you describe could also be high glucose readings. To have low blood sugar, it is 70 or lower. I think you should buy a glucose meter from the store to check.

Also, you should review what you are eating if you think your sugar is low. It’s good to drink juice to get it to rise quickly, but you need to follow with a protein, not a lot of carb, to get it to stay at a steady number. If you eat too many carbs, your sugars will spike, causing them to rise and plunge quickly. This might also be your problem. Just some advice from a type 2 diabetic who is now type 1. I’ve had to learn a lot.

All the same I wish you well with your liver ultrasound. Good luck.

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oh post what the outcome was…worried about you.

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Idk my glucose meter said 4 last time I tested my blood glucose at home.

I found this online:

Fasting blood sugar: 80 to 130 mg/dl (4.4 to 7.2 mmol/l)

Maybe its my AP messing up with my insulin and blood glucose.

Tbh it’s more about what you are eating and how often.

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Ap’s are not likely to lower blood sugar, much more likely raise it, if anything.


My Drs are clueless about my high liver enzymes and low blood sugar @Bowens

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I highly encourage you to work on your diet. High in protein, low in carb. You don’t want to cut out carbs completely, but sugar and carbs of any kind really screws with your needing a stable blood sugar level.

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Thanks, just came back but they refused to give me the results, they said I need to see my family Dr so he can tell me the results.


I just retested yesterday - my ALT liver function test came back 113 - exactly the same a week later - cutting off Crestor.

Doctor has not called to tell me what next. This is freaking me out.

I don’t understand why they can’t give you your results.


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