Little steps

My recovery, I decided, it’s in the little steps.

First I needed to go back to school, which I did, and found that I was okay at it. I think if I study something that excites me I’ll be better at it than I was.

Then I needed to quit that degree as to put my mental health first, which I’m very proud of myself for, and every time I remember that I quit it’s a relief that rushes through me you have no idea.

Then, the drivers license. I starting taking it at 18, 11 years ago. Didn’t finish. Time passed, started again at 26, didn’t finish. Time passed. And today I passed the theoretical exam, multiple choice, real easy, only had one wrong answer. I’m very pleased with myself. :smile: Now to start with the actual driving lessons! Two more months or so and I’ll have my license.

Next week I’ll go to the colleges I chose to see if I can enroll in them, wish me luck! I think that at least two out of four are possible, they’re private colleges so they take people lol

Meds are working great, since I started to take the shot every five weeks no more side effects. I feel almost normal, still getting used to it but I’m happy about it.

I’m feeling cheerful and hopeful today.

Have a great day everyone! And thanks for reading and for all the support over these last months!

Lots of love :heart:


What are you thinking of studying?

Elementary teaching, so I can take my masters in teaching Special Ed


I believe in you and the potato god smiles on you.


Ah! The Great Potato father has my back! :smile:


So glad you’re doing well!! Hope is the most important thing, I find. Best wishes to you with your education :blush: And also that license!


Thank you Anna :slight_smile:

This is really great to hear! I’m glad you are doing well. Your experiences bring much inspiration and hope to me. Thank you for being here :blush: . Take care


When I take little steps I forget where I was going.


Woohoo! Congrats! You’re on your way!

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Great post Minnii. Nice and positive. I’m glad some things are working out for you.

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