Little poem I wrote

The elements

Protest the archaic structures
For they were built on the bones of man
Fear not the wind of time as it cries
For its gentle weep is but a damp corrosion
Enter not the hearth fire for its ancient lick burns with truth.
Take refuge in the caverns of old for these elements are one with you.
You alone are traveler
The dark wood is calling, echoing, out there somewhere. But the earth beckons you. Whet as it is. Your foot sinks with every step. But you press on.
Soon you will be standing on the shores. Thinking of brothers lost. Having seen it all, you wander because you must. It has become your purpose.

And as most of my poems for some reason can be read backwards or forwards. Each line or sentence.


It really does read well backwards. Really good stuff.


Like your poem @ablue. There should be a compilation of poems featured on this forum. Like every few months, a collection to document all of these poems and prose pieces.

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