Little human contact

The internet provide me a space to write and type out my feeling.I don’t talk very much in life,during work or at home.I have always put my eyes on TV,My phone or the PC

I go to work everyday,my work provide me some social contact because I need to talk to customer so that is also social contact.I go to meetup once a week,attending meetup and meeting my friend also provide me a platform to talk and socialize,I can connect with them!

I feel my social life at work and with my family is poor,I don’t know if it would improve or would stay this way,I seems so uninterested to talk to my parent,colleagues at work.

I get what you’re saying. Sometimes that happens, sometimes we’re able to be social. I used to be really social, now not so much. I’m relearning my social skills. But I think that there’s no harm in not being a social person if you don’t feel the need for it.

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