Little cry for help.......I have been heading in the wrong direction with psychotic symptoms lately

I need to become relaxed for a few days - what helps the most… is it restful being on here?
can you tell me how you unwind, or suggestions of things to do that are not working on laptop?

I know that this is silly i should go for a swim … I should do some creative cooking etc… relax… watch t.v. go for a walk, colour in my colouring book, go to a pilates class…

All of these planned… i just need anti psychosis behaviour suggestions…

How not to be a ball of stress that works to the point of exhaustion… how to be unlocked from obsession… how to take a holiday at home… how to make myself relaxed enough and keep relaxing as a way of life

how to maintain my levels of energy so that an email doesn’t take 2 hours to write because of how messed up i am

Reading non-triggering fiction novels has done wonders for me these past few days. Greatly improved my ability to talk/write as well (And that was in no way intended to be condescending). I lived as a mute for nearly a year and reading/writing wasn’t any easier than speaking.

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Have you finished your play? I thought it was triggering you a bit…

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I can relate to that although mute is quite subjective, i was near mute for ages… not prob the same thing but i do relate to that

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Crocheting or knitting can be calming and sometimes helps me get sleepy.
Crocheting is very easy, even as a beginner.

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HI minni,

i have a supportive producer now - so i will have taken some of the stress off… if i rely on her and i think i can.

She is really great… also using a workshop to see whether or not certain people will want to go through with the project.

This might be as soon as the 23rd nov (3 weeks)
Before that it needs two edits, one by me with some notes i’ve made and one with my sister for making it more accessible and make a bit more sense in weird places where i’ve been affected by Autism, and find that conversation or social convention gets missed out…

I had her look through a short play of mine with me and she was great.

She is highly educated in Photography and Art in general and i really respect her opinions

Within the next month or so i also need to complete a very detailed funding application (20 pages )but my mum can help me with this…

in a way i’m winging the playwright thing with a lot of help along the way

not having found a director yet is a pain

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haha sorry makes me smile
i’m not from a knitting background and i tried classes
i spent the whole time focusing on ‘how’ it works and how just making those movements with needles made little knots and where the wool was going lol

everyone else there had a knitting background
pretty embarrassing

Seems you got it all worked out, hope you can find a director soon enough.

Maybe call your pdoc or nurse about upping your meds while you have this massive amount of work to do?

Knitting is way harder than crocheting imo.
I didn’t have a background when I learnt it, and I got it after the first try. Even when it has been years apart, I still remember how. It’s like riding a bike.
I suck at sowing and stuff.

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I’ve discovered that doing plyometrics can help my outlook and improve my mood. You don’t have to do a lot. Combine the plyometrics with a light aerobic workout, like jumping rope or shadow boxing, and you can really improve your mood. I think the best way to get endorphins into your system is by doing plyometrics.

i’ve increased twice, they refuse to give me more

i have a schedule worked out - yes, but the energy if i don’t relax will be used up so much that i get worse and worse psychosis

I’ll buy a skipping rope

been meaning to do explosive type workouts for a while - thx

I think that is the best way to get endorphins into your system.

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