Lithium killing my soul

The lithium has killed my life. It is like being trapped in a box and not being able to get out.

I shall stop it. It is hampering my ability to perform in life. It is satans bubblegum. I refuse to take it from tonight.

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You could try another mood stabiliser. Don’t quit lithium without going on another one.

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There are lots of other mood stabilisers for you to try.

A long time ago I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and put on lithium then epilim, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me so I jut quit medications and stopped going to doctors. But don’t encourage this.

That’s how I feel

don’t stop meds.i did it and I regretted it

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I m sorry Anna1.
I wish I could have an idea how to help you.

It’s difficult to recover after 20 years in isolation, BUT you should still try…

What book are you reading today?

EDIT: this post had been flagged because I had made quite an uncharacteristic typo, for which I am deeply ashamed and sorry.

How long have you been on the Lithium? I read something recently that it helps prevent dementia. I wouldn’t just stop it suddenly; that’s a bad idea.

Stopping meds cold turkey is a bad idea, you should at least cut the dose slowly.

I only lasted three months off meds after weaning myself off. I am glad to be back on meds.


an no one else sees anything wrong with the post i am repling to???andrey

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is this joke???

@everhopeful 151515

is joke, right?@mods

Yeah I see it.
Seems out of place.
Maybe he’s not feeling well.

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Andrey is talking to me or what? he was swearing to me that he is better without his meds. I already have troubles believing this for anybody here who stops his meds like this, yeah…
wallafish, try to change it then or stop it, yeap. Me, it was my Zyprexa who was killing me. otherwise, I don’t feel my Depakote at all. It doesn’t lower me, nothing, see it if you want. ill try to calm down. he really said ‘‘how to kill you’’? gosh… yeah… he was saying to me to go to make psychotherapy. and he didn’t want to understand that I need something more than this yeah…

oh. Probably just cant concentrate then if off meds. Maybe he just typed in what he heard in hallucination instead of what he really meant to type.

sorry. just really caught me off guard:blush::sweat_smile::laughing:

Must be difficult to mod a site like this. lol

It’s ok @Anna1 try not to take it personally.
He’s most likely not feeling well.
The mods will take care of his post.

Yeah, I know its my fault that I take it personally. sorry me too. But I am a bit fed up of those kind of things. I have an ill friend in irl and she can say some things to me like this too… I am social phobic too, you know. and paranoid too probably. I am afraid till death to socialize.
Ok, whatever. maybe he wanted to say '‘help you’. whatever


I’m sorry @Anna1. No one really wants to hurt you. You are a valuable contributor to this site and a worthwhile person. I like you. :blush:

@anon20318121 Instead of taking yourself off meds, you should talk to your prescribing doctor. Call them and let them know that you are desperate to stop your meds and want to do so right away. See if they can help you wean off of them or prescribe something else in their place. They may want to make a sooner appointment or have you wait until your next appointment. Even if you have to wait until your next appointment, there is an end in sight. It won’t last forever- you WILL get off them. You just have to do it safely.

It doesn’t sound like that’s the case @eeee. The OP is just wanting to get off of meds. It doesn’t have anything to do with getting injections.

My mind must have been elsewhere when I wrote that. I deeply apologize.