Lithium felt like lobotomy. Chemical death

I said to my pdoc that lithium did not work for me in the past and ECT neither.

Then she talked with her colleagues about my case of depression and recommended lithium or ECT?

I chose lithium but it was just as awful as last time. Chemical death.

I stopped lithium and now i only have one choice and that is going back on MAO-inhibitor.

Sometimes the pdocs disregard the patient’s experiences .It is us who takes the drugs, the treatment, and it is us who knows the effect on our own bodies. They should listen to us.


I’m not sure why, when you told them, Lithium and ECT, didn’t work, that they wanted to try them again.

If they talked to their colleagues and then recommended it, then it might be them you have to blame and not the pdoc them self.

My lithium days were quite some time ago, but I do know the side effects can be kind of tough emotionally and physically.

ECT for me, would improve my mood for a couple of days, but not further than that.

I agree with you when you said that it is us who takes the drug and undergoes the treatment, and not them.
It can get frustrating communicating.

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I agree that they should listen to you.

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Yes, it might not be my pdocs fault, she just read in my hospital record that i had good results with ECT. The pdoc at the hospital wrote that, but it’s not true, i was still depressed after receiving ECT and left the hospital because I didn’t like it there.

The same story with lithium. The psychiatrists want to have a success story, so sometimes they disregard what the patients tell them.

My pdoc wants me to be on lithium. I dont think Im bipolar tho, mostly just depressed. Dont want the bad side effects so Im gonna tell him no way lol

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it should work for some depressed people, it’s very often prescribed in the USA for depression only.

But after I tried it for the second time i can say it’s not my drug of choice.

Hope you find another drug.

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