Lithium and schizophrenia

Anyone ever take lithium as an add-on to help with schizophrenia

I was on lithium for 20 years when I had a schizoaffective dx. For 16 of those years I was just on lithium. I was not good at taking it but guess my levels must have just stayed within the therapeutic range some of the time or they’d have taken me off it.
For most of the time I was on it I think I had my best health, although how much might be explained by having a supportive partner is debatable.

So you were misdiagnosed with sza for 20 years?

I am hesitant to call it a misdiagnosis. Diagnosis may be valid at the time it is made but a change in presentation of symptoms or a new pdoc placing a different emphasis on which symptoms are primary, may result in a different dx being given down the line.

My dx is now paranoid PD. The treatment risperdal consta which is used primarily for sz-sza and bipolar.

Paranoid PD is one of those listed as a non psychotic disorder but in which episodes of psychosis can occur though not as prominently as with sz/sz-a. It would very much fit within a “psychotic spectrum” from mild/short bouts of psychosis through to longer/more severe psychosis.
It is reckoned I have had delusional thoughts but these are under control with medication.

Lithium made me feel incredibly shaky and depleted, all the time. Almost like when blood sugar is extremely low. It also mad me scared, all the time.
People say it makes them feel level, but I felt really hightened.
Also, I’m not sure what they were treating with it, as I didn’t know what my diagnosis was, at the time.

Lithium is one of the most worthless drugs I have ever been prescribed. It did absolutely nothing for me. And I was on it for years and years. They didn’t have anything better at the time.

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Thanks for the replies everyone

I refused it based on the information I found on it, I did not think the risk was worth what it would do for me

What did you find out about it, that you didn’t like?

It was a long time ago, I googled the side effects and decided it was not for me. To be honest I don’t remember what I read though. I’m on Abilify now and it seems to do the job, unless I get to stressed

Every time I feel the side effects from my latuda, like stiffness, flatness, restlessness. It’s is a reminder that I am mentally ill.

I was on lithium for years also @loveaguilarg
It did absolutely nothing for me either, other than giving me Hypothyroidism.

What would lithium do for schizophrenia? Isn’t that a mood disorder drug?

It can be helpful for thought disorders