I’ve displayed 3 prime examples of it recently during the virtual consultation with the pdoc, @ninjastar the other day, @seksoempirico today. . I’ve known about it for ages in a ‘I’ve seen articles about it’ kind of way, and a ‘not always being able to tell if something is meant seriously or not’ kind of way . However it’s never been in such a concentrated period of time as the three I’ve mentioned.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. It took me years to realise that Trekroner, the Danish village, meant “tre kroner”, three crowns.

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It was an observational comment. To me it demonstrates that communication is about more than just having very superior verbal skills.

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When I was in high school, the six big pot heads were known as the “six daze”. But I heard them spoken of as the “six days”. So I was out of it.

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In my teenage years, I was at a dental appointment, laying on my back.

The dental assistant handed me a cotton swab. She said, “Put this on your lips.”

For some reason, I balanced the stick part of the cotton swab in the crease of my lips and laid there with it balanced on my lips! I thought I had put it on my lips.

She came back and said something like, “No, I meant… Ugh!” She removed the swab from my lips, and swabbed its contents onto my lips.

Looking back on it, I’m not sure what was wrong with my perception at that time.

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