Listening vs Speaking

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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The 2 lines of thought are basically slow or reduce the physical sensations or slow the mind.

If the physical is slowed down then you may be able to slow your thoughts down and engage.

If your mind is slowed down you may be able to calm the physical. But then your mind may be too slow to engage in conversations.

My convos with people tend to go like this:

“You missed 90% of what I said!”

“No, I dismissed 90% of what you said. Big difference.”


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I think this thread should be changed to "reading vs writing- an in-depth look at what you’re doing "

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I feel sorry for those who speak more than they listen. :roll_eyes:


I dont. I need those people in my life so i dont have to speak :grin:


Sometimes, during my work, I engage in conversations that go nowhere. Cutting them loose and moving on to the next person is the appropriate course of action. Next!

100% for me. mostly checked out. sometimes observe. i can hardly talk anymore. so theres not much else to do anyway. i cant really listen either. not good at it i check out almost constantly.

Talking is a skill like many and you can do that in sales you can do it socially.

Listening is about interpreting the right times to add things to conversation to make it interesting. Most people love to talk about themselves so it’s often a game of asking the right questions to find the right answers…ie you look to learn about someone but you also look to make them at ease as well.

I’m aggressively social but I always have been. It helps but strategy is important. It helps if you have a genuine interest in someone…just ask them about themselves to learn to ask more questions.

So I’m friendly and not Machievellian…I don’t use my information to tear you down. I use it to help our relationship and learn about you…

So. Yes. Listening is probably just as important in talking. It really is so use it to learn and ask the pertinent questions.