Listening voices while Flushing the toilet , Listening to music. Some repetitive statements again and again. E.g. "I swear"

I am hearing voices while flushing the toilet.

They stay audible while the flush is going on and reduce as the water goes down.

Sometimes while cars honk I hear my name being called out in sound of the horn.

Also while listening to a particular song I listen the voice saying "■■■■ off " in between.

I listened to the same song again and again and at the same interval it keeps repeating “■■■■ off” so I deduced that am hearing it wrong.

Is this schizophrenia and if yes what is the cure ??

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U need to see a pdoc first to diagnose…it doesnt sound schizophrenia to me…dont worry go visit ur nearest doc…take care buddy…

I used to get this with my sz. Only I’d hear voices when in the shower or birds/people making noise outside and the brain would make up the rest!

How old are u buddy.??? U seem very young to me … may god bless u with good health…

Yes I experience the same with birds as if their sound gets transformed to human sound

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Ok thanks I will visit my doc

I am 28 yes thank you for your wishes hopefully will stop hearing all these sounds

Where r u from ram…?? Just got curious…??