List things You are Greatful for!

Hey y’all! I believe writing a gratitude list really helps in life. I have a gratitude journal I write in every morning or every night. I wanted to see what are y’all grateful for? Here, I’ll start…

  • I am grateful for soft tacos. (Crunchy ones hurt my mouth lol)
  • I am greatful for fuzzy socks. (Whoever thought of that is a GENIUS)
  • I am grateful for science/math. Future astrophysicist here :sunglasses:

My meds working properly

Mum and dad and sis

My recovery/newfound mindsets

Well those are the obvious

Less obvious


My birdies and cat

Moving to wa in September


Washington? That’s exciting! Tell us how it goes! Also birdies and cats for life!

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Yes Olympia, Washington

Where abouts do you live sunshine if you don’t mind me asking?

My brother and sister
Med’s that work without horrible side effects
A place to live
A mostly compassionate society to live in
Good movies
Good books
Relatively good health


I think Courtney love made a song about Olympia. It’s like “when I went to school in Olympia, they all ■■■■■■ the same…”

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I live in Texas :smile: And no, we don’t all ride horses lol. I actually live in the city side of Texas.

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im happy you have found meds that work! I still have yet to find my right antidepressants :thinking:

I have a lovely house, a supportive partner, sweet and hilarious pets, a beautiful garden, loving family nearby, and I’m back in school instead of working a job that made me miserable.

We had about an hour of rain here today, and it was refreshing. Rain has been evaporating within 20 miles of here for the last couple of weeks.


Check out my moms garden…I can’t take too much credit for it…I was gonna do it all but she ended up doing most of it


Lovely! What’s she growing?

Mine’s a disheveled English cottage garden, roses wildflowers.

  • That I’m losing weight.
  • That I’m stable

Everything from tomatoes to broccoli to peppers to eggplant

Everything but onions pretty much

She has a flower garden too up on the hill

Of course the flower garden took years and years of work of planting perennials :slight_smile:

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I’m grateful for my son, for him being healthy and good kid
For rainy days because I love rain and a stormy weather
Because I eat so much sugar and I’m not dead or obesive…yet
For all the days I spend feeling good and happy
For poetry
For the strange human’s ability to recover from a great pain and keep going despite the barriers
For sloths because I finally found my spirit animal :relieved:

  • my new hand-me-down car
  • my pets
  • my mom
  • my family
  • my medicine
  • my grit

My wife
My children
My dog (one of the two lol)
My home
My job that allows me to support all of the above
My physical health, which seems to be ok

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my sanity/meds
my recovery
my family
my pet (soon to be pets)
my life really, glad I’m alive
the simple pleasures, good food, good movies, good distractions :slight_smile:


My mom and step dad.
My health and ability to play guitar and toon as hobbies
The good examples in my lifetime
The few close friends i have that let me vent but still appreciate my good.

Not all in this order


I am grateful for my parents
My partner
my kitten
my job
sunny days in winter
bagels with honey
coffee and tea


Things Always turning out alright for me. That’s great.