List of Sleep Remedies

Let’s just say it’s hard for me to sleep, and get to sleep. Once I’m in dreamland I don’t have many problems. I’m putting together a list of sleep remedies that work for me, please respond with your own.

  1. Stretching
  2. Long quiet time before bed
  3. Sleep aid pills (diphenhydramine 25mg)
  4. Getting a lot accomplished
  5. Singing
  6. Eating
  7. Prayer
  8. Sleepytime Tea
  9. Exercise
  10. Falling asleep early
  11. Not taking naps
  12. Thinking of the outdoors
  13. Pain Pills (Ibuprofen 400mg)
  14. Stay busy when I can’t sleep
  15. Count sheep (seriously count my blessings 17 ways from Tuesday)

Well, that’s all I can think of for now, please tell me your ways to keep in a good sleep schedule.

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Drinking a cup of coffee-(works for me).
Taking a hot shower.
Filing my bills.
Trying to solve a difficult problem.
A clean house.
Laying in bed, shutting my eyes, breathing calmly, pondering life’s mysteries.
The last one is my favorite.

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Reading a book always makes me sleepy.

chocolate milk works. It has been proven that drinking chocolate helps in getting to sleep. I’ve definitely had luck with this.

I have to have a sleep aid, (trazadone) for sleeping or else I don’t get hardly any sleep.

I have heard that eating a piece of watermelon before bed helps make one sleepy.

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Lately Iv’e been trying warm milk and some cold cut turkey slices - It really works for me, not great but it helps some

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Herbal tea,
Laying in bed, watching my fish
This one I have to look out for because I tend to fall asleep in the bath more often now.

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Valerian root, magnesium, GABA, vitamin D3, doxylamine (Unisom Sleep Tabs).

Those are my nightly ritual. They’ve helped me kick Lunesta out of my life!




kiwi fruits its sounds mad but kiwi fruit also contains omega 3s in the seeds that are good for schizophrenics theyve done studies that proved that people who ate kiwi fruit went to sleep quicker than those that didnt lol


Chamomile tea. :tea:


i take ( just bought them recently ) doxylamine succinate 25mg, i am actually sleeping .
take care

i have read,
not thinking, that might seem odd. yet concentrate on the darkness while having a focal point.
yet you may not allow thinking in this process

things i otherwise do, are
-breath in with eyes open, exhale with them closed, rinse and repeat.

I take geodon 80 MG after dinner yet I still have insomnia. One diphenhydramine 25mg works its magic for me.


lol melatonin is a weak sedative.
i had sleeping pills that would put you in a coma combined with my 20 mg zyprexa

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2 hours before bed.
almond milk
0.50mg Ativan, in two days I will get rid of it and remain with Risperdal and the nutrients.

Got partially caught up on sleep last night, thanks for the great ideas :smile: