List 3 ways to be nice to yourself

make a cup of herbal tea
call a friend just because
pat yourself on the back for making it through another day.


Work on your bad habits trying to make new friends once a month go for walks to calm your peaceful mind and I always be kind to your food that you eat


Feel the sun on my body.
Feel the rain on my roof and enjoy it.
Remind myself that I had no say in the cards I was dealt and I am growing, so why should I be self conscious?

I guess it’s a long journey to understand being self conscious.



Exercise because it’s good for me
List my own positive qualities to myself
Forgive myself


To me the self-conscious person is feeling some sort of criticism that shoves him in the face and won’t let him see out to the people around him. That leaves him a target for their comments. Outgoing people are temporarily ignoring themselves.

Totally agree with that. It is an extremely beautiful skill to have.

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I talk to myself with compliments in the mirror…really gives me a boost.


Sleep, shower, order food


Exercise and dote on myself and praise myself for the good I managed to do.

Eat vegan food for the rest of my life and be pretty vegan.

Be true to myself and who i am and who I want to be even if that means going against my favourite person and disagreeing with them and leaving.

Practice laughing yoga
Practice deep breathing

Cleaning myself and the apartment
Go for a small walk
Drink some water


Keep death at arm’s length at all times.

Dying my hair temporary purple because I like that color.
Playing with my puppy and teaching him a trick or two.
Listening to music and playing music.
Cleaning my gosh darned hoarder-esque bedroom. That would be the best.

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