List 3 realistic things you hope to accomplish today

For tomorrow

Walk my brothers dogs.

Meet with equine vet.

Try to exercise.

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I gotta go on and get a covid shot appointment

FFS… I’m so tired of sitting but I just can’t do anything else. If I am forced to do an errand or I am able to force myself to buy scratch tickets because my thoughts are that I am meant to win. I feel absolutely glued to the couch I’d not forced. Thanks for letting me vent.
Today I want to take a full show so to wash my hair, tidy my house, and do some laundry. I would also like to take a walk but I have to take my kiddo to dentist.
Sorry for the negativity. I’m frustrated and at same time without feeling

Three realistic things I hope to accomplish tomorrow:
1 Fast all day just tea coffee and forty dietary supplements
2 For exercise walk to the store, forty minutes Vinyasa yoga, twenty minutes on my Concept2 rowing machine
3 Change my bedcloth and do the laundry

Get on my bike for half a hour.

Meet physio therapist about my bladder problem.

Call my dad.

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Make pasta
Buy horlicks
Do some journaling

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Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday I exercised and walked 10000 steps.
Today is Sunday:
1 Fast all day just tea, coffee and forty dietary supplements
2 For exercise: walk around the block, half an hour Vinyasa yoga, twenty minutes on my Concept2 rowing machine
3 Phone Mom

  1. Finish this chapter on dental insurance, I just want to it finish already :sob:
  2. At the end of the day, I’ll do a small load of laundry, mostly protective cloth masks that me and my mom wear to go out. We’re out of clean masks.
  3. I might start the second season of Sex Education on Netflix, it’s so good!
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Walk my brothers dogs.

Have my dogs claws cut.

Listen to my favourite radio channel.

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I just have one major task today:
I’m waiting for my instructor to send me back my assignment today, I want to review it before I do my exams.