Lisa Montgomery: US executes only woman on federal death row TRigger warning: violence

She had brain damage and was thought to have been psychotic at the time of the incident.


That’s terrible. I personally find the policy of taking people who were severally mentally ill and then giving them meds to improve their mental health , and using that to justify executing them morally repugnant.

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What she did to that pregnant mother is not forgivable and a heinous crime

Despite that I still don’t think she should have been executed.

I am against the death penalty.


I personally find it a slightly shocking that the only woman in I think over 60 years that gets executed is someone whose brain damaged and thought to have been psychotic at the time. The crime was absolutely hideous I totally agree, imagine bleeding to death that way. And it’s your baby being taken too.


Life behind bars is harsh enough, I am 100% against executions.


The worst is if they accidentally kill an innocent but charge them as guilty in court

I honestly don’t know how I feel about her execution.
What she did was reprehensible and awful!