Liquid magnesium

Any of you have luck with magnesium? I am taking liquid magnesium so I don’t get an upset stomach from taking a higher dose. I just took it 15 minutes ago and I feel focused from it. It had other minerals in it too.

Just make sure it’s from a natural food source and not synthetic or rock mineral based. Those types aren’t that good for you.
I’ve been taking Garden of Life raw calcium that also has in it magnesium, vitamin D3, K2, and MK7…it comes in capsules and is a whole food plant formulae.

What does magnesium do for you?

Magnesium works in concert with calcium to regulate electrical impulses in the cell—magnesium concentration inside healthy cells is ten thousand times greater than calcium, and there are crucial reasons for this safeguard. Cellular calcium channels allow that mineral to enter the cell only as long as needed to conduct an impulse; it is ushered out immediately by magnesium once its task is fulfilled. This vigilance is necessary to prevent calcium accumulation in the cell, which could cause dangerous hyper-excitability, calcification, cell dysfunction and even cell death.>

I only supplement with Garden of Life Whole Foods Magnesium, as this form of magnesium (plant or animal source not synthetic or earth rock sourced) is highly bioavailable and Garden of Life uses only whole foods.

This is what I take.

It seems to be perking me up.

Magnesium never agreed with me. Its something I’d like to take but never could.