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I’m back on windows. I tried many distros. And my favourites are Manjaro, Fedora, Debian and Linux Mint. I lack the power to do things. I bought last year a book on command line, and a book on the C programming language, but I couldn’t get myself to do anything with it.

Before my psychosis in 2011 I worked through three C++ books and had an advanced topic book that I wanted to start. It was about Qt-GUI. Then I got lost in mental illness and could not focus any longer on programming.

My favourite of those books was Bjarne Stroustrup’s Programming: Principles and Practices. That was the first book that I started. I then, when I was at the end of the book, switched to Linux, from there on I worked through The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup and Effective C++ by Scott Meyers.

The problem was me decompensating mentally over time. After I quit that, I layed in bed for the whole day. But I couldn’t get myself to do anything anymore.


What do you do with templeos? It can’t replace windows or linux, even Terry Davis used Ubuntu and ran templeos on a virtual machine. @mister_lister

Why don’t you just use it as you would use windows or do you specifically need it for games and apps? @Vuldarz

I need it for games. And I want to have Office 365 installed on my hardrive. I know about Proton and Lutris, I just doesn’t want to fiddle around anymore. I lack the motivation and I know I could use Office 365 online via web browser. I just have no energy, not even for googling around to make my games work.

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The most issues could be looked up on protondb website. And in lutris, there are instructions how to install a game. I just need something that has no work needed.

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Yes you are right, if you have to run games Linux is not reliable.

Linus Torvalds put together a kernel. Terry gave us much more to work with … nuff said.

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i use kali linux for fun ocassionaly but on a virtual machine.

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How to feel like a hacker on windows 10:

using the command prompt to find your wifi passwords when your roommates are asking what password is again lolol

netsh wlan show profile wifi key=clear
replace wifi with your wifi name.

i was so pumped the first time i used it cuz i wasnt home but I had my laptop with me and my friends were at my house and messaged me to ask what the wifi password was and i couldnt remember it so i learned how to look it up in the command prompt :nerd_face:


Wait, Windows stores cleartext passwords?

+++ Well I am not booting that thing ever again then, hon-hon. Pretty sure wpa supplicant doesn’t, unless you leave the commented out line in config that few front ends produce. Or compute hash dynamically on every boot and store password in the script. Either way it is admins fault.


yes it does do that

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Linus also gave us git. I can’t imagine software development without it. It is even critical for many deployment scenarios.

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RIP Terry Davis

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R.I.P. King Terry

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Currently watching, because I again can not sleep, an seven hour long stream archive video of terry davis. Should last till the nursing service comes.

I have used many different distro’s. I have loved and hated them for on reason or another.


Used Ubuntu as my first and stuck with it since then. Also interested in Ubuntu Studio. :grin: