LinkedIn - Job Networking for Normal People (but how about schizophrenics?)

So, I have a LinkedIn account and there are close to 750 million users on that business network. It’s an excellent way to recruit new talent to and from other companies. I also have a Facebook account too of which I connect mostly to family members.

However, I’d like to know how many schizophrenic users on this forum actually have a LinkedIn account associated with their current employer if not unemployed.

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I used LinkedIn when I worked to receive news related to the field I worked in. I also received dozens of job offers every week. However, those offers were not targeted at me. Instead it was basically spam. Employers shoot out thousands of mails to candidates that are roughly in the same field of work. It didn’t take into account my experience, my location, or even the fact that I was already employed at the time, despite all of this info being present in my profile.

Eventually I deleted my account to get rid of thousands of messages in my secondary mailbox.

Maybe someone who is confident in their skill and knows exactly what they want from their employer can navigate this mess. Even when I was sane, I couldn’t, but I am a poor example of an employee in general.

LinkedIn or any other account won’t make you magically more likely to get a job. You have to be capable first. And if a candidate is capable, the work will find them first.


Well, I just recently logged into my LinkedIn account to update my current employment situation and information. Majority of businesses in North America can be found on LinkedIn. For those co-workers and superiors who work at the same company as me, it’s interesting to see what jobs they worked at previously and what education and skills they have.


I made an account one time because they made it a requirement in a course I was taking. I had no resume really so it was pointless. I deleted it immediately

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I have one. I just used it for getting a job. I dont network with it though.
I am signed up with a bunch of opennetworker groups so that i get the “500+ connections”
Im at almost 400 lol

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I have a linked in account. Don’t currently have a job though. Don’t want to put business owner on it now in case social security looks at it. I put the business in my wife’s name.


I didnt know how delete mine so I just emptied it. Last time I got a job using online services was through Indeed. I actually got 3 job offers of which I chose 1. I was surprised as my CV has like an 8yrs gap of being unemployed. I guess its my university degree in health science that caught their eye.