Linkedin depression

It’s depressing seeing all my peers in High School on linkedin going on the be “Vice president of __" and " of _______”

I guess we all work at our own pace and I figure I’ll have a much more rewarding career…seems everyone went into business from my high school. But still.

No need to depression. You live your own life.
The first 10 years is just a beginning.

I’m not on Linkedin. I get invites every now and then from old friends and people who used to know me. They all studied on university, I didn’t. I tried but did not manage due to concentration problems.

I started out as a security guard and now I deliver parcels. Nothing to brag about on Linkedin.

No need to compare yourself with your classmates, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot, with a lot of value because of the illness.


I’d try to see it the other way. Not good to be on it. Stalkers are around. Personally I have spent a while removing myself from the Internet permanently.

No Facebook. I had a wonderful Instagram I shutdown. I have one more thing that is proving difficult to remove as its years old but it’s the last.

Basically internet suicide. I occasionally come here. But it’s not traceable to me.

Social networking these days is getting worse and eventually you will never be able to get yourself off the internet the way Google works. Some games you can’t even play without being signed up to gmail.

would you get real with yourself? Are you in a bubble?

People are people. What do you want?
You seem to think security and safety are possible in this world.