Lingering delusions

Still having faint delusions leftover from when I became full blown psychotic 5 years ago.
They really don’t fully go away, although the difference now is that I have insight where’s 5 years ago I had zero insight.

I mean should I tell my doctor?

They are persecutory in nature and they involve my father drugging my food.

I really don’t want to take more meds though.

I want to be honest with her.

Especially now that my therapist diagnosed me with SZA.

I feel that my psychiatrist ought to know.


i’d be open to your pdoc about it… it’s best that they know what goes on otherwise it’s hard for them to help you… but i can understand you are hesitant about it cause you don’t want to take more meds but you can also tell that to them.

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Yes I don’t think she can force meds on me.
Thanks @lekkerhondje

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I used to have the same delusion

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I’d tell the pdoc. You have insight so the dr will take that into consideration for sure. Good luck!

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Yes thanks @Zannah

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Simulation theory lingers. Its okay. I accepted some of it.

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Thanks @johnnyboy1

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Trumanomatrix lingers and others too

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Thanks @Om_Sadasiva


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