Line Breaks use them plz use them as I can't read some of the stuff you post

Please use the return key occasionaly, as I can’t read large blocks of text!

It all turns into a blur that I can’t take in : (

With my eyesight and Schizophrenia makes reading large articles and rants hard to do with out them!


I’m with you on this one. I have a very hard time reading walls of text without frequent line breaks.

I sometimes try and start from the bottom and read small blocks at a time. Just to get a clue about what is written.


I’m thinking that changing the line spacing might also help.

Like after punctuation or possibly between words and lines, as some of the posts are too hard to read.

Post must be at least 18 chars!

Been mentioned a few times before. I think this was the last one.

I dub thee a reawakend thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the courser with left click while holding the left mouse button to highlight large blocks of text. It makes it much easier to read and not lose track.

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Didn’t think of that, but it wouldn’t work on my smartphone…

I hate it when people SPLOOGE text all over.

And I really hate ALL CAPS.

Some posters be like, “I have this incredible revelation I must share now! Paragraphs would slow me down and prevent everyone from adoring my genius!”

Eh, yeah. I generally don’t bother reading SPLOOGES because they have a very low signal to noise ratio. The larger the splooge, the more cognitively disjointed the person posting it.

Steer clear, man.