Limitless movie and seried

Does anyone else here like the movie and the series limitless? I’ve only seen the first five episodes plus the movie. It makes me think about an exaggerated version of things that might happen if one pf these companies succeeds at making a cognitive enhancing antipsychptic.

lol me too! Sarcosine reminds me of the smart drug in limitless.
Only seen the movie, but it was interesting.

There’s a whole website for “smart drugs” that have little regulatory oversight. They sell sarcosine, but they also sell these random powders like choline mixtures.

I am tempted to try all of them to see if anything can reverse the damage done by sz concerning negative symptoms and cognitive lapses. Sarcosine makes me more alert, focused, energized, and social, so I’m wondering what the other powders do, too.

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Yeah, it is tempting to try other legal nootropics. I just stick with my Haldol and vitamins and minerals though, right now.

It will be interesting though, if one of the many companies that are trying actually succeed at making a cognitive enhancing antipsychotic that gets approved by the FDA. Brian Finch in the “Limitless” series is employed by the FBI because he seems to be immune to the side effects of NZT. If the theoretical antipsychotics enhance cognitively, they probably won’t be approved by the FDA for everyone because of the awful side effects of antipsychotics. I could imagine a situation in which organizations would employ people who are already on antipsychotics, not because they are immune to the side effects of the cognitive enhancer, but because they are already experiencing similar side effects, so they can get the prescription, and they may not care much about side effects that they are already used to. Wouldn’t that be funny? A section of the FBI packed with schizophrenic people or autistic people? :slight_smile:

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