Limited contact with parents

my therapist thinks both families are toxic and bad for me to be around. I can’t limit the contact between myself and my in laws but my partner is limiting my conversations with my parents to one phone call a month. that depresses me since I love my parents and hate my brother but I love talking to them.

How long till you can move out?

at least 6 months, kay still needs to learn how to drive and then she is going to do home nurse health care and get paid more.

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I know this must be hard. When I was in the sober house they made me only talk to my mom once a week for a little while. My mom broke down and cried once and said “IT WASNT MY DECISION, IT WAS THEIRS!!!” and then I just started calling her every single day but that month of only 4 phone calls with my mom was tough even though it was really tough times for all of us and our relationship.

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