I’m not against medication but there’s needs to be greater acknowledgement of its limitations. After 40 years of almost exclusively being on medication - ‘limited ability to live independently in the community’

Who exactly are you talking about? Doctors? I doubt there is a doctor around who would deny that medication has its “limitations”. Patients? Look at this forum, it’s full of people going on and on about the “limitations” of medication.

As for me, it keeps me:

  • Out of the hospital
  • Out of jail
  • From spending every minute of the day dwelling on ridiculous crap that isn’t real
  • From feeling so bad that I’d want to blow my head off
  • From ruining the lives of everyone I love

So I’ll keep singing the praises of medication. Is it a cure? No, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.


That’s me told off…

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it is true that medications can be sedating and make people look like they are experiencing negative symptoms, amotivation, ect, but with enough caffeine I do some serious ■■■■. I highly functioned before meds but whoa it was serious hell on earth and I engaged in self harm and attempted suicide, drank whiskey like it was water, ect.

I sometimes dislike the side effects of meds, but I have to say that the limitations caused by meds do things like @Malvok listed out-

yeah what he said.

With all of their side effects, meds are never perfect but the older I get, the more pro med I become. Yes I get frustrated with the side effects, but the reality is without the meds I would become extremely delusional and my quality of life would not be so great. I happen to believe that there are extreme limitations when undergoing psychological treatments like therapy. To me therapy has limitations and is far from perfect. Most schizophrenics can do without therapy but need their meds to function - I happen to like seeing a therapist, it is my chance to talk about my medications and its management, my ‘therapy’ sessions are very much geared towards how well I am doing or not doing and then we discuss medications most times. My therapist is knowledgeable enough on psych meds to discuss medications and wellness related to meds

i have done it without meds, but i am not any further ahead than you sz wise…
there are pro’s and con’s on both sides…it is just important to do what works for you.
to be honest there have been times where i have wanted to be on meds…and then times i was glad i wasn’t…either way we are chronic sz…there is no escape just acceptance.
take care

Luckily they are always coming out with new better meds. Maybe there will be something for negative symptoms soon.