Like you are going through the motions is all

Here is all going on with me. This was third week at part time job. My kids are all fine and well. the cat stopped wheezing thank God. The dogs are ok except the lab sticks up for the cat to the shepard it’s hilarious. the parrots never change much, and Rudy still dont’ say You’re So Handsome, but he says “sit” like we say to the dogs now. Going fishing tomorrow I think.

But I feel like I am going through the motions or spinning my wheels as they say but not accomplishing anything I hope it is not depression again.

YOu ever feel that way even when things seem ok?

Hi @desimb I am taking a medication for depression, but I still get bouts of depression or sad feelings almost everyday lately. I have a roof over my head, a good family (except for my brother sometimes) a loving pet dog, a car, I am not in debt etc … but with all this I get down or feel like I am in a rut, this happens quite often. I think for me it is just the way my brain chemistry is - its just this way. I blame it on genetics really. I am going to see my doctor soon and see what can be done - in the meantime I will try to make the best of it - keeping busy helps some, even when I dont feel like doing much. Hope you feel better soon - take care