Like my first episode all over again

I have this problem. Like my first episode. I created a Facebook account and started to add all my colleagues. And then I ended up messaging this one guy at work and I was completely obsessed with him so much that I messaged him even when he never replied. I did this constantly for about 3 - 4 months (at least thats what it felt like). Everyday. I left that job.

Now a few days ago I found myself messaging one of my colleagues at work. I did it once but I knew it. It was going to happen again. I’m not obsessed with him but I have been even messaging my girl colleagues. So i had to delete their numbers off my phone. I still have not deleted facebook.

When I have these episodes it might not show externally but mentally it is very draining.

I also recently started feeling some paranoia come on very slight and i knew I could be wrong about things but i confronted my colleague why he was laughing.

This is sooo embarrasing. how will i explain myself when I go back. I don’t think I want to.

Maybe deactivate your facebook, so you stop messaging them.

As to going back to work, let yourself become better first and then you’ll think about it.

I keep checking it even though I haven’t messaged anyone since twod ays ago

What do you say to them? It’s good you’re not messaging now, try to contain the urge.