Light summer nights

What I like about the summer here where I am is that nights are light. There is not need for any street lights and it is nice to ride a bike even in the middle of the night and still see well. I am really looking forward enjoying the coming summer and its light nights. How are the summer nights where you are?


That sounds so magical! I’d love light nights.

Here in Texas, it stays light until 8-9 pm during the summer. That’s why summer is my favorite season!



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It sort of feels like this summer is going to be the first one in a long time that I’m lucid, and drug and alcohol free. I’m really looking forward to this summer of being completely in my head and lucid.

nights in summer here are gifts from god for us cause we experience even 50 degree centigrade days sometimes but in nights it becomes cooler and more bearable, days long sometimes to 9 p.m in summer.

No matter how hot it gets here during the day in the summer, even if triple digits, as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops considerably and the night air is sweet for sleeping.

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