Light pain consistent for the last four days...constipation?

I stopped eating jalapenos because of the pain in my lower stomach, but now since the pain is still there I am wondering if I just have constipation? I haven’t gone number two very much during this time…I hope that’s all it is.


I try to stay away from spicy foods, they’re not good for your stomach.

Granted, they are good for your sinuses if you’re ever sick or have a runny nose.


I’m bumping this topic because I’m concerned and want to know what someone says…

I haven’t been for days . Took one Laxido yesterday , which didn’t work . I’ll try 3 today . I’ve got slight stomach pain , and a dull pain in my lower back .
I’ve got the sensation of wanting to go , but trying just results in loud farts .

@jukebox I hope you can go soon .

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I hope it’s only a “# 2” thing @jukebox, and not something else like appendicitis!
If it gets worse, please go see a Dr to rule out something that might possibly kill you.

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If you have gone at all, there’s probably not a medical issue of constipation, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t backed up. Have you tried an OTC remedy like miralax or metemucal? Check to make sure anything you take doesn’t interact with your meds.

@firemonkey if you haven’t gone at all in 3 days, go to a doctor!

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@ninjastar . The Laxido kicked in and worked about 15 minutes after I made my previous post on the thread .

I’m chronically constipated , and would be going to the GPs umpteen times if I went each time I hadn’t gone for several days .

As it is it can take over 2 weeks on average to see a GP .

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I see. Okay I’m glad it worked out.

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Waiting times to see a GP are a major issue here . I don’t dispute your implication it can be a serious problem when you haven’t gone for quite a long time . What a GP thinks is an urgent problem , that needs a quick appointment , isn’t necessarily the same though .

@jukebox MOM or milk of magnesia works very fast and doesn’t cause cramping, it will have you going within a couple hours usually. I love it. I always have a bottle for fast relief because I have IBS. It’s only a couple bucks at Dollar General for the generic one and it works fine.

@leafy how funny you say that…I bought milk of magnesia for exactly $2 this morning…everything is fine @ninjastar @firemonkey


good to hear @jukebox

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When i worked in the nursing homes we would give 4ounces apple juice with 4 ounces prune juice, mixed and warmed up. Sometimes add a shot of milk of magnesium. Always unbound the patient.


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