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So i am recovering from schizoaffective disorder manic subtype. Any suggestions for a healthy lifestyle?

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Are you overweight ? Do you smoke ?

Edit: Any addictions ?

nice try

slim to none recover

and it has nothing to do with what you eat

I try to have a healthy life style but I still gain weight. I am 50lbs over weight and the weight keeps going up. I am trying to eat one meal a day though. But it usually ends up being more. Lately I’ve been so depressed that I have been having 2 glasses of wine or whiskey and coke a night.

Good that you are recovering. Of course it helps to have a good lifestyle. You shouldnt expect miracles (it’s not that you are suddenly healed if you eat veggies), but it is necessary and helpful in recovery imho. A psychiatrist I recently met who struggled with depression himself and was specialized in psychosis says that 80% of psychological issues are connected to lifestyle problems. Not sure about that, but… well… it’s important for quality of life.

What helps me is to know my values and goals in life, write them down and work in steps towards them. There were (and are) loads of things to change.

One of my goals was for example to find daily structure, meaning and help others. First I did simple volunteering a few hours per week, then more complicated/extensive and then I build up until I found a job again. Another is social contacts. I wrote down who is important for me and I take initiative to see them regularly an be attentive. If someone is destructive for me, I quit contact with them or keep them on a distance. I got better lately at setting boundaries with people. Another is my child - I’ve got good agreements with my parents and a child psychologist to meet regularly to make appointments and talk about how things are going. I monitor my life (stressors, triggers) and symptoms carefully and am really open towards those few people.

What I want to be working on next is to quit addictions (internet, coffee), to have a healthier diet and to make sure my household is in order. But… one goal at the time! :slight_smile:

Is there someone who can make a plan with you and set goals and help you keep them? I miss that and would really want it!


I find the vegan lifestyle helpful…for me, anyway.

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I love that, it seems ethically really nice. I couldn’t do it though. :frowning:

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didn’t read most of this

this is bunk

if a schizophrenic can claim exercise and diet cured them

maybe the leaf turned over was a need that was met

but not any proof it stops an ailment.

@Daze, really, if you didn’t read what I actually wrote, then don’t be so incredibly negative about it.

I wrote explicitly it’s not that miracles will happen and you are suddenly healed if you eat veggies. But improving your lifestyle DOES often improve your quality of life. Especially if, like me, you had/have a very self-destructive life style. I still suffer from a vulnerability to psychosis, and I dont expect that to ever go away, but I feel a LOT happier and more stable now than 2 years ago, even than 2 months ago, and everyone who knows me comments on that.

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Marian, this person is likely not on meds anymore

yeah, thanks, I hear ya.

Ah, thanks. I didn’t know that he quit meds. Even then, lifestyle is important though… not a magical cure, but if you have a horrible lifestyle things spiral down more easily.

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Some things I’ve tried is eating 6 small meals a day. I lost 22 lbs doing that.
What I would like to try is intermittent fasting but lately I am hungry in the evening.
It doesn’t cure sza but it makes a difference for sure. We need a regimine of meds and healthy living. I’m not one to talk

Wow that’s good you lost 22lbs. The most I have ever lost is 10lbs and that’s when I was off meds. I have tried the six meals thing, but I always over eat. I just have no self control whatsoever. Plus I hate going to bed hungry. I like the one meal a day because I can over eat the one meal and still stay at about 1200 calories. Easier said than done though. I have basically given up. I know I have to stop drinking.

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Drinking can definitely put on pounds. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Take small steps and celebrate them.


i’d suggest joining a local clubhouse or group that may help you recover even more

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I think this is recovery because of what my docs tell me. I feel so thankful to my healthcare team, friends and family. Thanks for the advice y’all!

I am not overweight but I do need to quit smoking. I drink 1-2 drinks a night for stress relief. I guess I am pretty well off considering where I was a year ago. Then I was smoking weed and using cocaine and drinking way wayyy way too much. I am clean as of almost 9 months and I am proud of myself. I’ve really come a long ways.

I plan on resuming excercise and healthy diet. I go to church. I have many family and friends who are spiritual and can communicate and inspire each other with. Of course, no judgement at all. There are many ways to go about things. I’m not saying mine is for you but you’re welcome to try it. I just pray every night before bed, am nice to people (even you! haha), and facilitate a faithful and growth-based mindset. It works for me!

Just remember you tell yourself one of two things: “can I?” Or “I can.” You got it, if I was able to stabilize after two hospitilizations and prob 10 different medications, anyone can do it. Now I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy but it is manageable despite what it is.

Could it be that we’re all just special?

Small simple things can make a big difference. Eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep. Don’t do drugs or drink. Have a support network of doctors, case managers, family and friends.

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Exercise. Get in early to burn the fuel because most meds will add weight.

Take the pills. You take them religiously your doing better than most!

Learn about your symptoms and what works for you. We are all different.

Then. Eat healthy and exercise is a good start!

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