Life Worth Living for a Low-functioning Schizophrenic?

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I don’t know if you’ll agree, but in my opinion,a lot of people on this site are in a better position health-wise than many people with schizophrenia. To have the insight and self-awareness to talk to other psychosis sufferers is definitely a good place to be in. Of course, life can still be incredibly tough, but with the ability to at least think even a tiny bit coherently, living is always worthwhile.

What about people with severe schizophrenia? If someone has schizophrenia in it’s gravest form, with high levels of disorganisation and no ability to think straight, what is the point in living? This form of schizophrenia doesn’t respond well to medication a lot of the time, and it often doesn’t improve over time.

Sorry to bring this tough subject up, but I wanted opinions on how meaning can be found in life with such a condition. I ask because my cognitive symptoms are getting worse and worse, and I worry about what my future condition will be like.

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Hi raffa i am low functiong szphernick too… cant escape… how are u by the way…???

@far_cry0 did you go to the doctor for your dog bite?
How are you doing now?


Yes i went…!! Thanks @Wave bro i am good now…!!!


Glad to hear :slight_smile:


My sister had unremitting schizophrenia in a very severe form for about 12 years before she was hit by a car absconding from hospital where she was staying for two years
I’ve since spent more than a year same hospital and my schizophrenia became close to as bad as hers at that time .

I have had a very good recovery stable marriage exercise cook good food volunteer Sometimes
I’m 12 years out of hospital
12 years since any kind of severe psychosis
Our youngest sister is now five years into a breakdown for her own with depression and suicide risk and alcoholism and she is stuck with a lot of the psychosis that comes with chronic advanced alcoholism
Three sisters and three Tragedies
I really believe at 60 a day, I’ve smoked myself to death before I started liking myself

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Severe schizophrenia seems to start very early and continue inexorably downhill
Starts very severely as well
I find a lot of people on here who have not had as bad as I have and I’m only into the worst 35-40% At a guess or so I have been told without any percentage been put on it specifically

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Isn’t it possible that if you make a recovery and spot taking meds that you will stop going downhill?

You mean he should start taking meds I take it?

No, I mean, and this is purely hypothetical, that a lot of the downhill symptoms and cognitive decline is because of over-taking meds…?

GiveMe a break I have no time for that

Thank you all for your replies - they are much appreciated. Sorry I don’t have time to respond to each of you individually. Much love to you all.


Yes it is worth living, if you are mid-low functioning you can still do some good things like volunteering, socializing with other szs and so on.

If you are one of the real low functioning that can’t do anything your existence can move other people to kindness, altruism and important reflections on their lives.


Are you advising Euthanasia, because it sounds like you are implying it.? When I was locked up for 8 months and suffering every minute of every day, I’m sure glad my family didn’t give up on me.

But to call a spade a spade, you’re right, some people don’t respond to recovery and it is sad but true that schizophrenia can be degenerative for some schizophrenics. I guess a solution off the top of my head is maybe put them in a some nice facility in the country with plenty of space and peace and a nice environment and let the poor souls live out their days sitting outdoors and eating good with maybe a bunch of pet dogs or cats.

But one more point I would make is that until medication was “discovered” in the 1950’s, the majority of people with schizophrenia were looked upon as hopeless. People were crammed in institutions for years, because nothing could help them. Then medication came along. So how do we know that something new might be “invented” to help even the worst cases in the future?


I wasn’t implying euthanasia; I can understand how it may have teetered along those lines though in my post… I was asking from a philosophical point of view, and also from the perspective that if such a person, during fragmentary moments of insight, or on a deeper level, didn’t see any point in living, then who would we be to question it?

I completely agree that people suffering with the severe forms should be able to reside in a nice place like that, with water features to look at and therapy animals to comfort them. That would be wonderful. I also think that there should be initiatives to lower the fear surrounding severe mental illness, because, is high functionality required for happiness? Surely anyone can find contentment? Animals have cognitive abilities far below that of a ‘healthy’ human, yet most animals seem perfectly at peace…

I wrote this post to gain some opinions and to also help comfort myself surrounding my thoughts on the subject. I think everyone’s life is equal, no matter how ill or not we are, and that happiness is possible for everyone too.

And yes, hopefully there is soon to be a new batch of medications/therapies that will open a new door for schizophrenia treatment.


We had somebody move into my group home who I consider had very low SZ. He was on two atypical antipsychotics and a mood stabiliser and still hearing voices. He would constantly drink cups and cups of coffee and literally pee and poop where he was standing and completely not care. He wasn’t incontinent just had severe apathy. It become so bad it had a very adverse affect on the other residents. I nearly had a breakdown. It spelt the staff team, it was hell! He lasted 9 weeks here. After he left we had to have new carpets throughout the house plus cleaners to disinfect the house.

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Wow that sounds like he was in a really bad way - I hope he got better and found peace

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First of all, sorry for my poor English. I have seen person like what @bobbilly has described, he just knows how to eat and drink, and keep asking for more food and water, with very limited insight. Then there are a few persons who know how to do housekeeping and prefer to stay at nursing home. Then there are one or two persons who know how to use mobile phones (his level of functioning is comparably high) are employed by the principals to take care of the rest of the mentally ill at the nursing home.
From what I have observed, by having their food, beverage and cigarette, is more than enough. Occasionally they play card game together. The nursing home is almost self-sustaining. I am not saying that place is good, but it will be the last resort for anyone with severe mental illness.

By keeping the abovesaid in mind, I encourage you to rest assured that you will always want to keep your goodself above the “last resort”. With that psychological comfort zone (that you can always choose to end up in nursing home), you may want to work towards your goal.

More often than not, worries will always be just worries. :sunny:

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