Life with Schizophrenia E7: Conquer Your Fears

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Good video! Your trip to Iceland is just around the corner. I hope you enjoy yourself there!


Hi Ethan,

Wonderful video on conquering fears. You said that you were angry at yourself for having psychosis, and that you attended church with psychosis, but that caused trauma. You went on to say that in retrospect you wish you hadn’t gone to church while psychotic, but locked yourself in your room for 3 or 4 months (you even said that if you become psychotic in the future you’ll lock yourself in your room), yet you returned to church. Can you expand on the process, specifically your interaction with your friends and fellow parishioners? I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but was it self-forgiveness?

I bet you’re very proud, as you should be, of yourself for doing so well in school. I’ve heard that overcoming obstacles builds character, so you have a lot of character my friend.

Have fun in Iceland. Enjoy every second of it. You’ve earned it!

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@Moonbeam thank you :slight_smile: I can’t wait… nervous but excited. But im sure it will be a good trip. Hope all is well with you

@kindness I think you summed up perfectly what I probably should have said in my video. It came down to self forgiveness. I had no control over the psychosis, and I tried my best to work through it, and everyone around me tried their best to help me. I was angry at myself, but also at them, probably because I was just angry in general. Angry that I have to deal with this crap that the illness brought on to me.

But forgiveness is really the lesson I’ve learned here. Thank you so much for your comment and your support, kindness you are truly a kind person.



Thank you, Ethan…

Keep living, loving and inspiring!

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