Life review therapy enhances mental time travel in patients with schizophrenia

The SZ-training group also showed significant improvements in emotional expression, semantic memory and verbal fluency


Sounds weird, but I guess if it sounds stupid and works, it’s not stupid.

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It is a rather small study. Only 25 people in each group. You might just get statistical anomalies at such small group sizes. The smaller the groups, the more that the individuals matter. So if they happened to select some for the training group that did not have any therapy before hand (at random) and happened to select several that had lots of therapy before hand, then the group with no therapy before the study would probably improve and the others with lots of therapy before hand would not improve. If you have a larger group, these small deviations from the norm will average out and you will get a more conclusive result. So I would say this is just a preliminary study. One to determine if further study would be useful.


Look like someone is statistician lol.

nah, just like math and science and like to see it done right :slight_smile: